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  • Immediately identifies assets using manual or auto-ID entry, building a comprehensive history and audit trail.


  • Maintains the Asset Register for plant, equipment, tools and components, including type, details and location, inspection and maintenance history and on/off hire or issue/return.
  • Manages stock levels and consumption for stock, consumables and spares.
  • Allows creation of pick lists for assets and stock items required by jobs and projects.  Records picking, dispatch and receipt at destination and return.
  • Records issue and return of assets and stock to/from employees holding the correct qualification and/or assessment.
  • Tracks service & maintenance schedules, inspections and defects.
  • Manages externally rehired assets.


  • Enforces Health and Safety and compliance through control of equipment inspections and service and maintenance schedules, ensuring all are up to date.
  • Provides traceability through monitoring of asset status, inspection history, location and assigned personnel.
  • Allows only suitably trained operators to use plant and tools by cross checking their qualifications.
  • Enables all Site Safety checks to be performed on mobile devices.
  • Allows defects to be recorded and managed easily for all assets and site safety.


  • Manages scheduled servicing, pre-planned maintenance (PPM), daily checks, ad-hoc inspections and defects for different asset types, automating manual paper-based asset inspection schedules and allowing photo and GPS location capture and defect reporting.


  • Maintains training, qualifications and assessments, ensuring Health and Safety requirements are met.
  • Records issue of assets and consumables, attendance at tool box talks and training courses and employee assessments, ensuring an informed and safe workforce.
  • RFID enabled ID cards, including CSCS and most access control cards, are used to identify personnel.  In many cases personnel already carry a card which can be used by AssetTagz, helping to ensure a quick implementation.


  • Auditing and inventory capabilities, of assets and stock items.
  • Scanning RFID tags and barcodes removes effort and time associated with manual data entry, giving an efficient, consistent and accurate audit process.


  • Control costs, monitoring of hire charges, maintenance/inspection costs and spares consumption allows for more efficient costing and charging.


  • Sophisticated data filtering and extraction capabilities allow for thorough analysis and multi-department, executive-level summary on all aspects of data.  Custom APIs allow integration to external reporting systems such as Power BI.
  • AssetTagz enables flexible reporting of asset history, providing powerful statistics to make informed decisions (eg. regular tool failures, “heavy-handed” users, PPE usage).


  • AssetTagz has extensive expertise and a thorough understanding of the industry and how best to achieve maximum results for each client utilising an automated asset management solution.
  • The implementation team is highly skilled at cleansing the asset register, ensuring consistency and removal of record duplication.
  • AssetTagz supports seamless integration into third party applications such as ERP, accounting and hire systems to ensure efficient flow of data through the company.
  • Smart software allows for quick creation of customised inspection templates.
  • The training team has proven success with end users, even those with little technical knowledge, thereby showing real benefits to all users.
  • Knowledge of hardware ensures mobile devices are correctly specified and the appropriate auto-ID technology is utilised on client equipment.


  • Data capture uses RFID tags (NFC tags or UHF longer read range tags), barcodes and QR codes, with full functionality both online and offline – it doesn’t rely on a network connection in the field.  Cloud hosting provides authorised users immediate access from any internet connected device to the asset cloud database.
  • From rugged purpose-built mobile devices to commercially available smart phones and tablets, AssetTagz can suit their clients’ way of working.


  • AssetTagz works as a standalone or fully integrated system.  Minimal IT resources (if any) are required to use AssetTagz quickly and effectively.
  • AssetTagz’ connectivity to existing accounting, hire or ERP systems using powerful web services ensure seamless workflow throughout the business.


Traceability leads to accountability and reduction in asset downtime, external hire charges and theft

  • Lower administration overheads and reduction in manual data input
  • Elimination of data entry errors

Health & Safety compliance ensures qualified employees are using safe equipment maintained according to schedule.

  • Control of equipment inspections and service/maintenance schedules and ensuring all are up to date and certified
  • Proof of attendance – physical scanning of the tagged asset confirms that the user is at the asset, while ID badge scanning ensures employees are present in a location for briefings or training
  • Common asset management processes ensure compliance to company-wide safety standards and policies

Visibility of asset availability and location speeds up deployment to job sites and ensures assets are in good working condition

  • Auditing process is made easier as the Asset Register and Qualifications carries all required information, in the AssetTagz cloud database
  • Customised reports provide powerful information for various departmental use, such as utilisation, inspection & repair history, spares consumption and inspections due
AssetTagz app

Why AssetTagz?

Serving construction, oil & gas, local government and security services.

  • Proven and effective asset management solution
  • Uses clever app installed on smart phone, tablet or rugged mobile device
  • Rapid implementation and tailored to client’s individual business processes
  • Seamless integration with existing business/ERP systems
  • Best of Class training
  • Technical expertise to advise on best RFID, NFC and barcode practices and choice of hardware devices
  • Minimal, if any, IT resources are required to use AssetTagz effectively
  • Collaboration with internal IT to build and test interfaces and integration within existing ERP systems.